Bristol DA Schedule

First ThursdayThe 12 Steps of DA
Second ThursdayA Currency of Hope
Third ThursdayThe 12 Traditions of DA
Fourth ThursdayThe AA Big Book
Fifth ThursdayGuest Speaker or DA Reading

For the Steps and Traditions, we read from the step or tradition that corresponds to the month from The 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts of Debtors Anonymous. For the Tools we read from the tool that corresponds to the month listed on the pamphlet. When we read from A Currency of Hope it will be one of the stories selected by the chairperson. When we read from Alcoholics Anonymous, we read a portion of a chapter and continue where we left off the following month and so on until we go through the book. For the guest speaker, we try to get someone from another DA group or have a volunteer from our meetings.